As the name suggest – this file will get you stoned. You will stay in this state and even become higher for the rest of the day, until you either use the triggerword to end it, or the next time you sleep.

I intentionally kept it short, listening to this doesn’t take longer than smoking… and the hypnotic version is much easier on your lungs.

Like with my ”Drunk“ file this probably works best for people who made the experience in real life. Some people who never drank tested “Drunk”, and they experienced all the observable effects (impeded fine motor functions, slurring, …) but didn’t feel any of the internal effects they had never experienced.

Of course there are safeties, you will not only be untriggered if anything unexpected (that could harm you in any way) happens, but also if you do anything potentially dangerous (participating in traffic in any way, operating machinery, ect…). You can also untrigger yourself at any time by saying “I want it to stop” out loud.

420 (Intention Induction) mp3 11 min

420 (Clicker Induction) mp3 11 min

420 CC License

  1. Perfect! Now I just need to find a laser light show!

    • Jamie, i’ve just seen your flickr site; you are beautiful!!! is hynosis helped you a lot in your transformation process?

      • Thank you!! I would definitely say that Vive has played a very positive role in my personal development.

  2. You have never been high yourself, have you, Vive?
    Your description is somewhat close, but it is still a bit off.
    One of the things you could(/should?) have added is, that when high all sensations feel amplified a bit. You enjoy music, taste, touch more.
    Personally I get a very slight tingle all over, muscles feel kinda a bit like after exorcise, but not quite as tired. Fantasies feels more vivid. And I get a bit aroused/horny (not much, but because of enhanced feelings it can easily grow).

    Also you are rushing it, like you just wanted to get it finished. At some point you ask to take a deep breath very close to having already done so, leaving no time for the effect of the first breath to hit.

    Still enjoyed the file, but hoping for a V.2 😉

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