Wet Humiliation

Wet Humiliation

As the name implies, this is an evil version of a wetting file. You’re going to wet yourself, and then you get humiliated for it.

Let’s begin with what this file is NOT. Because it’s not a nice wetting file for AB/DL. I have other files for that. This is all about the pure humiliation.

You’re going to wet yourself. Yes. I give you a trigger to get you most of the way there… but you have to take the last step. No hiding behind “the evil tist made me do it” for you, you are supposed to feel the full humiliation. At least once you are finally allowed to wet yourself. And once you’re done I humiliate you for it.

Wet Humiliation (Isolation Induction) mp3 50 min

Wet Humiliation (Latex Induction) mp3 50 min

water CC License

  1. Here I go again !

  2. I really enjoyed this experience, and the trigger you added at the end to make sure it was a positive experience was a nice touch that I wasn’t expecting. Really wish more hypnotists would do things like that.

    When I started listening I wasn’t sure I’d actually be able to go through with wetting myself, even with the trigger helping, but the file made the loss of control and humiliation sound so appealing that it was actually very easy to do. Definitely a more effective approach (for me, at least) than trying to “force” the listener to do it.

  3. When vive mentioned he was making this file i got incredibly excited and he definitely lived up to expectations. His approach is very good, different to how most hypno doms would approach it and absolutely brilliant. I am a fan of golden and I love doing holding tasks, the ones where you are forced to don’t have the same humiliation as when you give in to it which vive seems to appreciate :). He made me a very happily humiliated piggy after this file and as always he is a very caring hypnotist and brings you back out of the humiliation after you clean up and leaves you feeling very good about the experience.

    If you are a fan of humiliation and curious about being emmm “encouraged” to wet i’d recommend listening to the file… just possibly put some towels down….

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