Misogyny V

Misogyny V

And you’re right back to willingly put your yourself into the hands of a strong man and to experience control and being vulnerable? And I even have a little present for you…

And i still don’t believe in any gender stereotypes outside of kinky roleplay. Ont he other hand – this one has very ViVe twist in it. This came to me pretty much directly after I recorded Misogyny 4, and I just had to record it. And it nicely rounds out the other Misogyny files…

Welcome back, little girl. You made it so far. You’re already back for a fifth time. And you know exactly what to expect, don’t you little girl? You know that I’m going to take control and make you feel weak and controlled.

And yet this time is a bit different. I have a present for you, little girl. I’m going to show you how it really feels to be controlled, to be completely open and vulnerable. That’s right. I’m going to open up your mind and take complete control over your mind. To a point where I could really fuck with your mind. Or your life. Of course I won’t, but I definetly want you to feel completely controlled and vulnerable.

Nervous, little girl? Good. Enjoy the thrill ride. And I promise I take good care of you.

Warning: This file is designed to make you feel controlled and vulnerable. It will temporary turn you into a weak and helpless little girl. You will be completely helpless in my control. It will make you feel incredibly vulnerable. It is very intense and extreme. Only listen after you have listened to and enjoyed Misogyny , Misogyny 2, Misogyny 3, and Misogyny 4. You have been warned.

Misogyny 5 mp3 27 min

Style – The One With The Power CC License

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  1. the emotions you weave are immense and amazing. Bravo and Thank You, Sir! <3

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