Feminine Conditioning

Feminine Conditioning

This file is a bit different than the usual feminization file… first of all – it doesn’t contain any suggestion as to what behaviours you will adopt – that’s already in your mind! It will use whatever behaviour you consider feminine and make it more attractive… and when you do it – it will condition you subtly to display this behaviour more frequently… the same goes for stereotypical male behaviours – just that it conditions you to display them less frequent… The change will not be there when you have listened to this file, little girl! No – it will happen gradually! Over the coming weeks and month! And of course – as it happens slowly you will most likely never be aware of it… it’s something you can only see in hindsight… realizing how much you have changed! The second thing is that it makes every behaviour feel very good and natural – and thereby free of any guilt! So if you boil it down – it will change you into the girl you want to be! Into the perfect image of a girl that’s in your mind! In a lot of ways it works like the “dumbing down” files… but it’s more “girling up”! Use headphones!

This is a bit of an experiment, to see if this kind of file is something you want, if so there will be much more in the future… but only if you give feedback… So – tell me your thoughts! And maybe in a while – the results!

Feminine Conditioning mp3

Girling Up

This file is a little bonus – it’s a masturbation loop quite like the “dumbing down”… but this is girling up! Loop this file and play with your little clitty… and reinforce the (reward) conditioning… or just use it on it’s own… the pleasure you feel while listening will come back any time you behave feminine… doesn’t matter if it’s a feminine thought, taste like listening to music or reading something feminine, displaying feminine gestures and mannerisms, wearing feminine clothes or whatever else girly you do…  and it will condition you to behave this way more frequently! Use headphones!

Feminine Conditioning mp3
Feminine Conditioning flac

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  1. Feminine conditioning – what a great file. Brilliant idea, love itxx

  2. I’ve been listening to Feminine Conditioning for a while, I think I have changed a bit; at least my boyfriend say s I have. When I told Robi I was more of a femboi, his response was, “You’ve changed.” He apparently wants more of a “masculine man” than I am. Apparently Robi and I aren’t engaged any more. Just because I like to wear women’s clothes, make-up, and act feminine, he has a hissy fit. Get over yourself, honey!

    I’m glad I found this out before we got married! I need to go shopping to console myself. I’ll tell you more of what’s happening later.

    • This is in the nature of an update to my March 2014 comments.

      I asked EMG to change my username on the site from “Oxdude” to “Oxyfemboi”, saying with the files I was using — including Feminine Conditioning and a penis shrinkage file called CURSE OF THE TEENY WEENIE, which really works well — I wasn’t much of a “dude” any more. He did so.

      I am much more femme. I took the COGIATI test I found at My score put me in CATEGORY FIVE: CLASSIC TRANSSEXUAL. I agree. I’ve always felt as if my body was the wrong sex. I decided to sake action.

      I told my doctor I’m transsexual and asked for a referral so I could start transitioning from male to female. I started seeing a therapist. I have no problems convincing anyone that I’m really a female in a wrong gendered — male — body. I hope to start Hormone Replacement Therapy within a month.

      This is an outstandingly EFFECTIVE file! THANK YOU, ViVe!

  3. I was thinking it would so cool to have more detailed instructions and stuff, you know, about how to have a breathy, ditzy airhead voice, long french nails, and like dress like a sexy teen bimbo and stuff. Would you like, make a tape like that?

    • ViVe

      Huh! But it is! You just haven’t realized it yet! It uses your own idea about what is stereotypically feminine! So if that is your idea – that is where you will go!

      • Or maybe Bettina’s unconscious vision of femininity is not the same as her conscious vision, which is all the bimbo stuff. That happens too.

  4. Thank you for this conditioning I so want within..but wish some not so gradual and could be discovered immediately. As I loose weight and desiring a shapely figure..wanting now sensitive tits and pleasure of panties as I seek to please both male and females.

  5. i love the both… the loop is very effective, i don’t know how much, i love it, i can not think just now…

  6. Your loop arouses me so much, and my clitty so wet….. Addicted

  7. Thanks Vive for this file i listen to it every day and my progress are amazing! i would like to ask if You can suggest me some file to increase more my female side. Now I feel better and better and hope one day to stay always soft and limp like a good girl !
    Yours alexia

  8. wow….wow….and more wow !!!!!!
    I have listened to this file a few times now (the girling up once. love that as well). I love the zero induction. While I do not believe I am exhibiting any feminine traits yet, I do feel a certain “disappoint” when I do things like apply my Old Spice deodorant or put my wallet in my back pocket. Sometimes I just suddenly get the impression that I am a girl and I can see myself that way. I am going to keep listening to this file one or two times a day. I will post updates.

  9. This file is life changing.

  10. If the lister dosent notice the changes while they are happening , how long after before people around them beggin to notice the changes ?

  11. I can attest to this file.

    I started HRT 3 weeks ago and have never felt better.

  12. This is exactly what I have been looking for forever!! I love this file!!

    • Love love love love this file. I have been listening almost everyday for a month and it is wonderful.

  13. It’s a great idea but I fear that maybe my unconscious vision of femininity differs from my conscious vision? Is it possible to check that or reset the unconscious vision? Thanks!

    • ViVe

      It’s about your idea of femininity. No, your subconscious wouldn’t force you into anything that’s bad for you…

      It would however protect you from ideas you may have consciously that would harm you if they became real.. (like fetish ideas you couldn’t really stand if they were to happen)

    • Have you thought about looking at some bimbo files?

  14. Listened for the first time yesterday, I feel I am smiling more and my eyes are opening slightly wider and my legs are now much closer together when sitting and walking. Going to listen again today. Love it
    Becky xx

  15. Hi Vive,I just wanted to say I listen to a great number of your files and enjoy each and every one.Mostly the femininizing ones.I wish i had more time to listen to them,I feel the effects subtlety at times,voraciously and overpoweringly at others.I like the curse files as it forces me.maybe if you can…make a forced feminine curse.I know you have many I just enjoy them.Thank you.

  16. I really like the idea of this file but the induction is different than normal. The tone of it is very different than normal both in feel and sound. It feels like you are in a rush and that you are just reading something to someone. The mouse clicks in the background do not help either. Any chance of cutting this induction out and putting in a normal one?

    • Have you tried any of his trance inducer files for deeper trancing? Might help you get passed the varying styles of some of the induction recordings, there are few different takes on a few. I found this to help me .

  17. This file has become one of my favs, theres about 4 I listen to now & have been doing so for about a couple of months now, all feminising ones, on a daily basis rotating them. Just love them, can we have some more feminising ones please vive, the more the merrier :). Love to you sir x

  18. I just love the pet induction. It brings me into a deep trance. Listening to this has brought me more into a feminine state of mind and my actions are more feminine as well. Thank you.

  19. I want to attest to the awesomeness of this file.

    I first listened to this file in November 2014. Today, I walked out of court with a signed decree to formalize my name change.

    The changes are real.

  20. also listened a few times, i feel some changes, but i don.t know already how it affects my thoughts or behaviour. it.s unclear to me. Could you dena or jamie describe the process you followed ?

    • I listen/ed a lot 🙂 Also use some of Vive’s files to help go deeper. Also you should listen to Feminine Fantasy a few times. Than rinse and repeat until desired effect . Dandelion is another great one to throw into your development.

      • oh yeah and free your inner girl , and pink , feminine skin, nail pride, ……………lol

        • thanks jamie for the answers
          i did this files too 🙂
          my question was more precisely how you lived your internal journey, how these files affected your emotions, feelings, way of thinking, behaviours daily,..
          Was there a key moment where you shifted on the other side of feminity without return?

          • Huh, well that is very hard thing to pinpoint. I also go to therapy for my gender . I think you still have to be a bit proactive on your part of this journey , these files just help get over any preconditioned hang ups that you have acquired through societies conditioning. One thing I can point to is the first few times I got on the subway dressed fully I would become full of anxiety, being in such a public yet enclosed environment made me feel very exposed and vulnerable and trapped, the little anxiety monster would start running rampant through my head. Heart would start to race, I would stop breathing, pretty much mini panic attacks. Now after training with the files, when that moment would usually start to arise, instead I feel the sense of joy and pride that you experience while in trance, just having that positive sensation flood my mind for a moment takes my mind away from the thoughts that used to cause me distress. So in a sense the files have taught me a great coping mechanisms to overpower the previous fears that would keep me locked in my house.

  21. I enjoy playing with ideas about the feminine, so this is likely to be a source of pleasure.

  22. i’m not sure if used feminine conditioning file the right way, but i did it out of my own free will. I wanted to be more feminine (single i have liked skirts and other female clothes for at least 6 years) and i still do and thanks to this file i have gotten more and i want to be even more girly. I WANT to be more feminine like sound, look, dress, be a girl I even want breasts. I plan to listen magic panties, nail care, fem motion, fem voice and skincare files too to reinforce myself being more feminine.
    What troubles me that i don’t know my i guess gender, i have been wondering that am i trans or something else and that reminds me of this file and makes me think that it’s not really me, even when i want to look, sound and be a girl.
    Sorry if this comment is too much of a mess, i’m just overwhelmed by feelings right now and imagining myself as looking more girly.
    I hope to get answer to this comment so that my thoughts might then be more clear.

    Thank you~

  23. Thank you soo much it melts my heart

  24. i have used other hypnotic videos and i believe that it is working little some time major others thank you i will add these to the ones i have and fem the male out replace it with feminine goodness

  25. Oh my girls, I have the itch and soreness back already! I think this file does have an effect. I listened to this loop file for about 2 weeks and now without even knowing or thinking about it I am back on the ‘Mones’ (lol). I stopped a few years ago as the girls were getting to the point I could not hide them easily. Now, even though they are so sore, I love that they bounce as I walk and flop when I run up and down the stairs. Jogging is out and dashing across the street I now get can calls. I think I need a bra for support (lol). Last week I found myself googling anal prep without even thinking and read the Cosmo steps. Before I knew it I bought some coconut oil. I never thought anything could fit in there it was so tight. With a little practice oh my for me being penetrated just blew my mind. I start everyday with this loop file and a nice round with coconut. Cant be without it. So I guess as Vive says my subconscious is finally beginning to express herself without me even being cognizant of it. Wow so many changes. You get what you want or who you really are with this file.

    • Welcome back! Two years after I started listening I am now past my one year fulltime hormonal and social transition. If you want it, this file will supercharge it !!!

      • Congrats on the one year. I’m 40 days away from GCS. What a long strange trip this is.

  26. I am a woman who just happens to have a penis. I’ve never thought that I have the wrong body, it’s just the body that I have. Plus being tall and strong and fit has benefits in our society. Being a woman enables me to bring a different and more beautiful energy to my physicality.
    Have only just started listening to this file and I really like it, I love that it is all about me being the person that I know I am and I am looking forward to realising my femininity more and more.
    Thank you Vive.

  27. I’ve been listening this file since many months ; it is very effective (even if i use the one stored on warpmymind which uses the zero number conditioning which works better than the one on this site).
    I would like another file like this one to go even further in in my feminine journey, something which locks me in my feminine nature : forget that I’ve been a male, that I’ve not a pussy, and so on…
    I would like also something which focus of my mother side i feel, even if i’m a father
    thanks vive for these files

    • There are some obvious problems with dealing with other people if you honestly believe your body is different than what they perceive it as. I wouldn’t expect to see a file for that sort of delusion any time soon.

      It’s not impossible to work around some of the issues, but the absolute minimum would be some sort of automatic off-switch for the effect that triggers if you’re interacting with someone who doesn’t know about your situation in a context where your body is relevant (or one where the mismatch between your body and your beliefs could cause you problems)

      • thanks Grey for your ethical comment ; i understand your point of view. Nevertheless, isn’t the dumbing down series more intrusive in fine? But you’re probably right.
        @vive it would be nice to rewrite this file with the knowledge or techniques you acquired since… It would even more effective as it

        • Being stupid is generally socially acceptable; being actively delusional isn’t. Dumbing down will affect every interaction with people, but in a controlled way; not understanding that other people see a dick rather than a pussy when they look between your legs will only affect interactions occasionally, but when it does come up, it’s going to have a major impact on that interaction…

          I have mild qualms about the dumbing down files, but what you’re asking for in terms of establishing a permanent false perception throws up red flags.

  28. Little Girl Fraction Loop
    Feminine Light
    Feminine Movements
    Feminine Voice
    Fantasy Feminization
    Magic Panties
    Girly Music
    Feminine Diary

    Get to it girl 🙂

    • thanks JamieElise… I do all of them too, comprising also deepener and Bimbo2. But i feel that something more drastic should be nice

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