Trance Training

Trance Training

This is a trance training file… It’s a new zero induction with a lot of deepening and a little something to let you know that you really were in trance… It also fills you with good happy feelings you can take with you out of the trance…. It can be used as an “empty” trance or to train going deeper into trance..

Trance Training mp3
Trance Training flac

Shandi-lee via photopin cc

  1. I am sitting here enjoying the after effects of this wonderfully deep trance. It left me feeling really great! Such a nice way to drift more deeply and become completely relaxed as my mind focused solely on your voice. Thanks ViVe!

  2. okay, this one freaked me out just a little; never had a post-hypnotic suggestion work that well (the proof). It’s weird, I kept feeling like I could XXXX (no spoilers), but didn’t want to break the spell, and just couldn’t make myself try hard enough. I didn’t fully forget the parts that are meant to be forgotten, but still probably one of the most successful trances I’ve experienced. :)

  3. This was an awesome file. I was very relaxed and felt great afterwards. It really was hot to experience the after effects of the trance. It is always great to feel an effect strongly

  4. Hi,

    well, this one was nice. Really relaxing, but could be a bit because I was a little tired anyway. PHS didn’t work. I could move my legs. One thing is unclear. You put something on the tip of my tongue. Don’t remember what that was.

    Anyway, really nice one.

  5. Pretty good file. I was out shortly after the blanket part, I think. I just couldn’t tell if I was hypnotized or asleep. That might explain why the posthypnotic suggestion didn’t work, you think?

  6. I sit here smiling trying to fight the after effects. Thank you for this file and showing me that I can trance, and that I was going at it all wrong before listening to this.

  7. Was fun, some things worked but others didn’t I think. Can’t remember all of the instructions but something feels missing.

  8. Thank you Vive,

    I’ve got used to the zero induction and kind of know what’s coming next but the addition of the fog and the blanket really sent me much deeper, although I could break through the PHS, perhaps I need to try it again…

  9. That was truly amazing, the proof was absolutely impressive, nice work

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