Trance Training

Trance Training

This is a trance training file… It’s a new zero induction with a lot of deepening and a little something to let you know that you really were in trance… It also fills you with good happy feelings you can take with you out of the trance…. It can be used as an “empty” trance or to train going deeper into trance..

Trance Training mp3
Trance Training flac

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  1. I am sitting here enjoying the after effects of this wonderfully deep trance. It left me feeling really great! Such a nice way to drift more deeply and become completely relaxed as my mind focused solely on your voice. Thanks ViVe!

  2. okay, this one freaked me out just a little; never had a post-hypnotic suggestion work that well (the proof). It’s weird, I kept feeling like I could XXXX (no spoilers), but didn’t want to break the spell, and just couldn’t make myself try hard enough. I didn’t fully forget the parts that are meant to be forgotten, but still probably one of the most successful trances I’ve experienced. :)

  3. This was an awesome file. I was very relaxed and felt great afterwards. It really was hot to experience the after effects of the trance. It is always great to feel an effect strongly

  4. Hi,

    well, this one was nice. Really relaxing, but could be a bit because I was a little tired anyway. PHS didn’t work. I could move my legs. One thing is unclear. You put something on the tip of my tongue. Don’t remember what that was.

    Anyway, really nice one.

  5. Pretty good file. I was out shortly after the blanket part, I think. I just couldn’t tell if I was hypnotized or asleep. That might explain why the posthypnotic suggestion didn’t work, you think?

    • I’m an amateur to this myself, but being asleep is not the same as being in a trance state. You’ll probably get more rest (at least psychologically) in trance than you will asleep. While you’re physically asleep, your mind is allowed to wander as it pleases.

      Also, DON’T LAY DOWN. Sit comfortably. I found that out the hard way. Either you’ll fall asleep, or if you’re on your back, you’ll end up needing to swallow or you’ll choke. For someone like me, the need to swallow was enough of a distraction to ruin my practice.

      Do a bit of research on different methods of inducing trance. Experiment and try to find a method or combination of methods that works best for you. I’m beginning to find that actually keeping my eyes open is working much better for me than closing. When I close my eyes, I start to visualize all sorts of things that shouldn’t be there. The point is to clear your mind, not send it swirling into your imagination. I try to focus on a single point in my peripheral vision and keep my eyes perfectly still, while practicing relaxed breathing. Sometimes it doesn’t work and I’m too restless, but sometimes, after some time, I start to feel tingly all over, like how your arm would feel after laying on it all night, and I might as well not even have my eyes open, as I’m not paying attention to anything I’m seeing.

      I think that is my introduction to trance. I still get the instinctive urge to jolt myself awake when I start to feel this way, like it’s some kind of self defense mechanism. But, if I can isolate that feeling and stay in it somehow, it could open up a whole new universe of possibilities.

  6. I sit here smiling trying to fight the after effects. Thank you for this file and showing me that I can trance, and that I was going at it all wrong before listening to this.

  7. Was fun, some things worked but others didn’t I think. Can’t remember all of the instructions but something feels missing.

  8. Thank you Vive,

    I’ve got used to the zero induction and kind of know what’s coming next but the addition of the fog and the blanket really sent me much deeper, although I could break through the PHS, perhaps I need to try it again…

  9. That was truly amazing, the proof was absolutely impressive, nice work

  10. It didn’t entirely work, but attempting this file definitely proved to me that I’m capable of going into trance, and that this kind of thing can work if I practice enough. I know because I did go into trance. I know that because I remember how my body jerked me right out of it like I was about to fall off a ladder (bummer). :(

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to achieve trance again before the suggestion, so I remembered it after I had woken up fully. I was able to disobey the suggestion, but it was honestly overwhelmingly difficult to do so and felt very wrong. I don’t know if that’s because of the suggestion itself or if I wanted it to happen badly enough that I willed myself not to. Either way, it’s a good sign.

    I also learned that I need to not amp myself up with too much anticipation before listening to these. Trying to hard to get back into trance ultimately stopped me from going back into trance. Just like trying to hard to go to sleep ultimately stops you from going to sleep. Once I heard the suggestion, I stopped trying to go back into trance, and then I started to feel much more relaxed. A little late, but it felt good anyway.

    One thing in particular that’s probably just me: I felt super giddy after fully waking up. I mean I was laughing until my face was red and almost crying. I don’t remember much of the end of this file, but I do remember hearing the word “bliss.” Not sure if that has anything to do with it, or if I was just very happy to find that trance can happen for me.

  11. Don’t remember anything, but had no problems getting right up. Suggestions? I have tried a few of your files like this. Same thing. Forgetfulness works, physical does not.

  12. wow, that sent me so deep, and it has taken a few minutes for the after effect to wear down, as promised.

    I think I’ll be listening to this one again

  13. To be honest, I always wanted hypnosis to work, but I never thought it would. I am now a believer…

    I listened to this file three times over the past three days. On day 1, I started off the file while lying down and ended up falling asleep about half way through. Oops.

    On day 2, I decided to sit reclined in a comfortable position. I got very comfortable and deep; however, about halfway through a motorcycle drove by and was loud enough to jolt me back. Unfortunately, I was not able to go back into the trance.

    Today, I made it the whole way through. I must say, when I awoke from the trance I felt great. I also tried hard to fight off the suggestion, but was unable to do so.

    Very impressive. I cannot wait to try my next file!


    I’ve done a few files today; subject 0.84, subject 0.5 (I really enjoy fractionation, more of that would be appreciated) and this one; the amnesia effects didn’t work for me (particularly when the followup to the posthypnotic mentioned walking out of the fog, which was a little jarring given what it was) and I’ve not been able to get the numbness (partly I think because one of my feet is a little uncomfortable, but again, numbness type effects haven’t ever really worked for me), but the immobility certainly worked and is a type of effect I really enjoy. More of this please, especially selective or controlled immobility.

    It’s worn off now, so I’ll go turn on the oven for dinner shall I!

  15. Really enjoyed this amd SPOILERS, typing this now as my legs are still numb. Cam’t remember much but do remember the amnesia suggestion. And even that is hard to recall so was fairly effective. What this file has done for me though is confirm that I CAN go into trance and feel physocal effects, (the blanket etc), and it has given me a mssove confidence boost in trying more. I’m so happy. I have never successfully been hypnotised before pr had very minimal effects sp I want to say thankyou. So much. Thank you Vive. This is a whole avenue of sexuality that I have been yearning for but been unable to achieve amd now I can thanks to you.

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