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Hello and welcome to my new home on the web!

Let me introduce myself! I’m ViVe and i’m deeply fascinated with everything revolving around the control and manipulation of the human mind since about the mid 90’s, be it hypnosis, NLP, psychology, behaviourism, social engineering or whatever else there is. I have been living my dominant side since about the same time.

I usually see the role of the dominant in an d/s relation as the person who provides the sub a fantasy. Besides the enjoyment of the topspace, I enjoy the game, making it real for the sub, pushing the mind to the place where it becomes real. To me it’s like a game of chess and for it to work you have to be a few steps ahead all the time!

I probably heard the first time of other people using hypnosis for erotic purposes around 2000 and listened to a lot since then to see what others are doing. Usually i try to do something a bit different in my files.

When you are listening to my files, please take a look on the categories, how permanent the effects of the files are. If you’re unsure, start with something temporary or the hypnotic fantasies!

I hope you enjoy my files and i like all kinds of feedback, tell me when you liked it and tell me if you didn’t like something! Feedback makes the files better and keeps me motivated!


I on Patreon now… Vive on patreon

If you don’t know what Patreon is watch this short vid:


As you might now I’m not willing to sell any files… but I have been made aware of patreon from some of my visitors and I think it’s a brilliant concept!

I hope to support the site with it… I never really expected the success this site has and I guess i will have to upgrade the server yet again… Beyond that I would love to upgrade my equipment a bit, especially a better mic…


I have chosen the “per creation” variant and so far I have those rewards:

$1: Monthly Google Group Hangout… I’m not yet sure how this will work out in practice as i have visitors from every imaginable timezone… I’m thinking about a sunday each month where I’m online most of the day, though I would really like some focused discussion… bouncing off file ideas, getting inspired…

$2: Early Access on at least one file per month (still don’t want to sell anything) before anyone else gets them… You will also get access to the guinea pig site where I will put up experimental stuff you can listen to and comment on…

$5: Wow… thanks! Access to a special site to discuss file ideas and concepts… I will regularly create files from those ideas and you have access to them first…


So yeah – if you like this site and my work and want to support it and more files… I would be very happy!

Vive on patreon


P.S. And to be totally honest – as I’m still minus a job and the situation doesn’t really look good right now I might also hope turn this site into a job… though that’s more a long term (possible) goal… (even if it were easy if just every registered user would donate cents per file…) It would mean a lot more files than there are now…

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