With the whole trans person bathroom discussion, I would like to clearly state something (that should go without saying):

Everyone is welcome here.

And that should be all there is to say.

I don’t care what combination of gender, biogender, genitals or orientation you have. You’re welcome here. It doesn’t matter if you’re trans, if you’re asexual or agender, non binary, or even a heteronormative vanilla.

We’re all just human beings, and that’s it. (And if you have a non-human identity, you’re still welcome!)

I try to be as inclusive as possible in my files, that’s why the vast majority is completely gender / genital neutral.

I’m not in the US, but nevertheless: My bathroom is open to EVERY human being.

So is this site.

This should all be clear from my work, but sometimes one should take a clear position.

Thank you for reading this.


  1. Thanks for the words of support. Very frustrating times here in the States. Especially since this is a manufactured “wedge” issue to drive bigoted individuals to the polls to support a specific agenda , an economic agenda that is against their best interest at that. When you can’t get the people to vote for you , get them to vote out of fear and ignorance.

    • I had a heated discussion with an extended family member who is in support of these “Bathroom Bills” and this argument shut him up:

      I’m going to draw some parallels as I see them to something I know you hold dear; you may not agree and I’m okay with that but I hope it at least makes you pause for a moment to think on it from another angle.

      You want to deny the rights of an innocent majority of a group who have no ill-intent and just want to live their lives in peace, based on the actions of a few who may take advantage of said right to do nefarious deeds.

      Isn’t that the same argument the gun-grabbers use to try to take away our much valued Second Amendment rights. ‘Criminals use guns, let’s take all guns away from all people.’

      If the argument is valid for one, it is valid for the other.

      I fuly support the Second Ammendment, and I will add I’m not objecting to your concern because it does have merit, my argument is purely do we have the right to deny many based on a few

      • I agree with everything you said. I feel the same goes for the concerns for privacy and the internet. And, thank you ViVe, for your kindness and words of support! It’s hugely appreciated. 🙂


  2. Very tank you

  3. Your site is very openly and refreshingly warm and welcoming to all, ViVe. And while you’re right, it really should go without saying; the very fact that you took the time TO say it (especially to and for anyone new and perhaps shy and/or uncertain, to your site), is awesome. Both supportive and affirming. Though honestly, as a (mostly quiet, I’ll admit) fan of you and your work here for a while now, I’d expect nothing else, certainly!

    But for all our sakes: Thank you!

  4. Considering the insane ravings of some hypnotists about this topic, it’s very welcome that you do say it. It’s important that the sane voices a heard too. Thank you very much!

  5. As an asexual, it was nice to see my orientation included in this blog post! Thank you Vive! :3

  6. I appreciate the sentiment. Rather than commenting about the controversy I thought I would explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity: At the peak of colonial powers a century ago and the outbreak of world war one, a relatively unknown and politically controversial individual by the name of Einstein explored the extreme conditions of our universe. Up until that time Newton’s laws of motion had prevailed – time was constant and the universe worked like clockwork and his laws proved suitable in predicting how far a chemical weapons shell fired from a cannon at ranks of men would land and the power needed to fire it… did they think humanity worked like clockwork also? Einstein Revolutionised the thinking of the physical world. He discovered that time wasn’t fixed but could be warped or bent – indeed time and space were intimately connected. Using his laws we solved the anomaly of Mercury’s orbit. But such a revolution came from simple thinking – he merely related the experience of gravity with the experience of inertia and followed through the consequences to their logical conclusions. On earth we have our perception of time and our weight as governed by the gravity of our earth. But if you were to move away from earth you’ll feel lighter, time for you will speed up, your space will cool and expand. Accelerate rapidly away into space and your inertia makes you feel heavy again and time for you will slow down again and your space will contract and heat up. Continue to accelerate up to the speed of light and you’ll create the space-time equivalent of a sonic boom in your wake as you contract down into the singularity of an infinitely dense and hot black hole generated by your own incredible weight and time for you at this point will have stood absolutely still. But, in all cases your ‘energy’ will be the same as given by E = mc^2, where ‘m’ is your ‘rest mass’ (in Kilogrammes) and ‘c’ is the speed of light (300,000,000 metres per second).

    • Actually, if your energy is being given by E, then the m in E=mc^2 is your relativistic mass – a combination of rest mass and kinetic energy. Using your rest mass only gives your rest energy.

      • (from da internet) – Rest mass is a property of an object, it is a relativistic invariant, i.e. it is the same regardless of the reference system you measure it in. Relativistic mass depends on the reference frame. It can be used as a measurement of on object’s inertia measured in a reference frame in which the object is moving.

        as with anything there is debate over the definitions.

        I’ll promise not to be a smart arse again. Peace.

  7. Thank you! <3<3<3

  8. Good thing dolls don’t need to do that!

    But seriously, even though it should be universal, especially in the community, thanks for your support.

  9. I use the Men’s Room, even though the messed up crotch of mine causes me to walk like a woman. As in dirty minded men want just another little bit of compromised behavior, with simulated sex having changes to body movement. Along with electric shocks to the tops of those inner thighs leading to more altered movements, as part of the American Way of reducing Perceived-Deviance.

  10. Thanks for taking a stand! I’m not trans, nor American, but in this community I always appreciate it when I see open-mindedness and acceptance of things that some people deem to be “non-traditional” and therefor unacceptable. Respect!

  11. Single-occupancy unisex restrooms with solid doors would make the whole thing irrelevant.

  12. Thanks Vive, have loved your work for quite some time, and read this blog post at just the time in my life I needed to see a message like this. It’s nice to remember not everyone hates those who may be different from themselves.

    Thanks 🙂

  13. As an agender person, I really appreciate this post. In general, I also appreciate the fact that so many of your files are gender neutral!! Thanks for all that you do 😀

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