Magic Touch

Magic Touch

This file will change the perception of your body, so you only have one erogenous zone for the rest of the day. Before you listen you have to choose a part of your body and write it on a piece of paper. This part will become your exclusive (and highly sensitive) erogenous zone. You will still feel if you are being touched / touching yourself anywhere else, but for the rest of the day it will be impossible to derive any sexual pleasure from it.

I’m really curious about the ideas how to use this file people will come up with.

Magic Touch (Leash Induction) mp3 20 min

Magic Touch (Deep Sea Induction) mp3 28 min

32 Soft touch cc

  1. Haha You could reenact “Deep Throat” where the clit is in the throat.

  2. I did this file with my nipples being the focus and i place pegs on them and had multiple orgasm almost continuously for 5 minutes
    Thanks Vive so much

  3. wow, i used this file and made my right foot my erogenous zone and only wore socks {luckily its my off day} and whenever i started walking i just came and came and came, i can barely make it to the bathroom now, this file is awesome

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